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Wild Sage & Co.

Dreams Grow Here


And Then There Were Two

Posted on 17 February, 2016 at 13:15

It's funny how things happen. It's funny what will prompt us to do something, what spark will ignite action.

I was in my local Trader Joe's last week when a woman approached me saying "I just parked next to your car. Do you work for Wild Sage & Co.?" She asked that because my license plates are WLD SAGE and the license plate rim on the back plate says "Wild Sage & Co. Empowerment Laughter Freedom". So I smiled and replied, "I AM Wild Sage & Co."

She is a lovely woman who owns a botanical essential oil product business called Sage Canyon; so to see Wild Sage caught her eye and sparked her interest. She said she thought for a few minutes about approaching a stranger, and then decided to do so. We spent a few minutes in conversation, talking about our businesses, exchanging business cards. I really appreciated that she got out of her own way to extend herself to "a stranger" to make a connection.

Seeing "Wild Sage" caught her attention and sparked her to check out a possible business connection, wondering if I was also in the botanical line. Our conversation sparked this blog post. It reminded me that connection can be that simple. Get out of your own way, your own concerns, and GO TALK TO SOMEONE. Stop worrying about "what will they think....?" GO TALK TO SOMEONE.

I realize how ridiculously simple this is. I know there are people who have no difficulty doing this. I've watched people casually begin conversations with "strangers" in the coffee line about something like the weather, part ways, and think nothing about it. Sure, that's easy enough.

But when we think it matters, when we want to talk about something of "significance", i.e. our business OR (Heaven forbid) our love life (gasp!) then approaching a "stranger" in a grocery store or at a party may seem a little more..... risky? scary? vulnerable? odd? I suggest it may feel odd because our culture has become so insulated that women in particular feel the need to protect themselves from strangers. I understand that.

So when it feels like our lives are at stake, our job, our romantic future... then, THEN the price of poker goes up! When the ante to get into the game, any game, is to GO TALK TO SOMEONE, does that sometimes feel like too high a price to pay? Because, oh my goodness, what if they actually TALK BACK!?!

In full disclosure, I must tell you I have been guilty of this. I have listened to the "noise" in my head when it says:
"What will they think...?"
"Oh, no, I'm not dressed right to have this conversation with them right now."
"Why would they listen to me?"
"I couldn't possibly be his "type". Why bother?"
"I'll just make myself "available" and if they want to talk to me, they can come to me."

If you haven't noticed, the common denominator in all of this noise is fear. Fear, worry, concern, take your pick, but they're all good "reasons" that will stop us from GO TALK TO SOMEONE.

So here's my word of wisdom for the day: Practice.
Practice talking to someone in the coffee line when it doesn't affect the state of your nation. Practice talking to people when it's not necessary. Practice SMILING at strangers! That right, smiling. Just let your face open up to them. Practice BEING OPEN to a new conversation, a new connection with a new person. 

Be aware, or be reassured, that not every connection will be a lasting one. But every one you make will make it easier to make the next one and be the stepping stones that will lead you to the right places and the right people. And with every new connection, then there will be two. Two hearts, connected for any purpose, even for a few brief minutes, are always better than one. So GO TALK TO SOMEONE.

Thank you, Claudia, for reminding me of this.

With Aloha Love & Blessings,

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